Who Makes the Best Blender for Commercial Use?

There are a lot of reasons to own a good commercial blender in your food service business. I think we can all agree on that. The question I want to try and answer is which manufacturer makes the best blender? Names like Vita-Mix, Blendtec, Waring, and Hamilton Beach come to mind when I think the best blender manufacturers. Let’s see if there isn’t a champion among these kings of spin.

The easiest and most effective way of comparing the best manufacturers is to rate them in areas of quality, price, and performance:Who Makes the Best Blender for Commercial Use?

Blender Quality

Two companies far surpass the others in this category. They are Blendtec and Vita-Mix. Both have a long history of providing high quality, long lasting blenders to the commercial kitchen community. It actually boasts on the spec sheets for Vita-Mix that their food prep series known as Vita-Prep outlasts the competition 3 to 1. That’s a pretty big statement for any company. Blendtec has some of the best advancements in programmable blenders and this gives them an edge all to their own. Blendtec also offers one of the largest selections of commercial grade blenders in the business. These are stats that Hamilton Beach and Waring cannot compete with.

Blender Price

When you look at the initial costs of getting a blender for the commercial or industrial kitchen, Waring has some of the most affordable units. Vita-Mix models are also fairly inexpensive at the initial price points, but increase rapidly. Hamilton Beach, who also makes home use models, has a high starting point for their commercial grade blenders, but a low top end. The highest volume Hamilton Beach blender shouldn’t run you more than a $1000. Because of the computer advancements and higher level of technology that Blendtec employs in their blenders, they are likely going to be the most expensive.

Blender Performance

While Waring, Hamilton Beach, and Vita-Mix all share similar performance levels, Blendtec commercial blenders are in a league of their own. Advanced functionality and a huge variety of blending options, such as the Space Saver and Q-Series models cannot be matched by any competitor. If you are looking to re-invent the way you blend, there is no other company. For this reason Blendtec wins hands down for commercial blending performance.

So, who makes the best commercial blender?

If you are looking for a standard blender that is going to last, you can’t go wrong with Vita-Mix. If you are just getting into blending and want to save money on a low capacity commercial grade blender, Waring has several inexpensive starters. Hamilton Beach holds the most weight in high capacity blending at a discounted price and Blendtec blenders are for those that need their blender to be a the star of their small appliance arsenal. The only thing you have to do now is decide which blender is best for your business.

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