The Top Five Steps to Improve Your Baking

baking toolsBaking is a delightful way of cooking food with the use of dry and prolonged heat and is mostly done in an oven. While baking, the heat travels from the surface of the pan to the center of the baking batter and therefore, it results in food items that have a crisp exterior, but a softer inner section such as bread and cakes.

It is however, important to take care of a few elements when you are aiming to improve your baking skills. We have selected the top five steps that you can do to ensure that you become a better baker in the long run:

1.     Buy High Quality Baking Accessories

If you are starting baking, then you should always buy high quality accessories. You need to have a good quality oven that has excellent conduction and uniform hot spots. You should also buy heavy duty baking trays and cake pans.

It’s best to go with glass and metal pans and mixing bowls over plastic ones because they can melt and contaminate your baking items. You should also use baking parchment and high quality butter to grease your pans for pastries.

2.     Buy a Scale and Timer

Most baking requires the use of accurate and subtle application of the ingredients. A digital scale will allow you to easily pour or take out the required quantities of raw materials which will definitely improve all your recipes in terms of flavor.

All baking recipes are also time dependent and therefore, you should buy a kitchen timer. This will allow you to exactly follow through with the recipes and ensure that you do not overcook your pastry or cake.

3.     Rotating Baking Trays

All ovens, even the high grade ones, have hot and cold zones. This means that your baking items may not be getting an equal amount of heat on all sides. You can easily remedy this situation by carefully turning your trays after half the time of your total cooking requirement. This will ensure that all sides of your baked good receive an equal amount of heat.

4.     Ingredients at Room Temperature

You often have your baking ingredients stored in a refrigerator and you may find that it is very hard to use these cold ingredients. Many recipes even mention that all items used must be at room temperature. This means that you need to ensure that you have given enough time to your ingredients to warm up to the room temperature. You can do this by getting all the required items out of the fridge at least a few hours beforehand.

5.     No Sugar Cut-Down

Sugar is an important part of most baking recipes. It is not only added for sweetness. It also provides texture, color and the right moisture to a recipe as well. Although there are many artificial sweeteners available today, but we suggest to never substitute or cut down on regular white sugar while baking because it will destroy the taste and texture of your recipe.

These are just some of the easy steps that you can do to instantly improve your baking skills. You will find that these simple steps and activities will turn your ordinary baking experience into more experienced one with consistent results.


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