The Top Five Kitchen Skills of Professional Chefs

chef skillMost professional chefs have many years of training and working experience behind them. However, they need to develop many skills if they want to move ahead in a competitive world. They generally have mastery over the skills that people ordinarily apply in their kitchens.

We are focusing here, on the top five kitchen skills that professional chefs have. These skills make them different from other individuals, who just cook food either for fun or for the need of preparing their own food.


All chefs believe that it is essential to clean their work area as well as keep their clothes clean. Good chefs work with a lot of food, but there is not a single mark on their sleeves. Chefs who do not have the habit of keeping up excellent hygiene cannot progress further in their career.

Cleaning comes as a habit for these professionals, and they usually clean their working area after performing each task during the long process of finishing a single recipe.

Amazing Knife Skills

Exceptional knife skills are required to take the meat clean off the bones. Also, fish cannot be prepared without proper deboning procedures.

The superior knife skills of chefs allow them to work faster and also create proportional serving sizes where all the vegetables and the meat are cut into similar sizes for every dish.

Seasoning It Right

Seasoning is very important. It provides the ideal flavor for a recipe. Professional chefs have to be experts at seasoning. They can use advanced seasoning skills to mask different cooking problems as well. The use of the right amount of salt itself is an art and great chefs are experts at it, creating dishes with complex flavors with just the right amounts of zest and zing.


Professional chefs do everything in the kitchen with complete precision. They are able to follow timelines accurately and are able to remember long recipes that may require over 20 different steps. They work in a precise manner, which means that they can consistently reproduce good food if they have access to the required ingredients. Precision also means that they efficiently use all parts of the ingredients and throw away as little as possible.

Handling Pressure

The most important skill which makes professional chefs different from everyday cooks is their ability to handle pressure situations. Restaurants do not have a consistent workload, as expected when cooking for the family. Rush hours in restaurants can truly test the nerves of the best chefs. Professional chefs are able to handle this pressure and still ensure that the flavor in their dishes remains consistent.

There are also many more skills that professional chefs have, when compared to ordinary cooks. You can improve on these skills as well to improve and better serve your family with delicious food.


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