The Benefits of Kitchen Islands

kitchen islandA good kitchen requires a balance between the storage area, the work area and its functionality.

Most kitchen designers though, find it hard to get this balance right, which happens due to the lack of spaces. Kitchen islands are ideal for this matter as they create the required space without disturbing the flow of traffic around the kitchen.

There are many potential benefits of kitchen islands. Let’s discuss some of the top benefits of incorporating at least a single kitchen island in your kitchen layout:

Additional Storage

A kitchen island adds the necessary storage space that your kitchen needs. You cannot go on buying kitchen accessories and utensils if you do have proper storage space for them.

You can also put in bins, shelves and cooking areas on top of the kitchen island. The kitchen island usually allows you to take the help of another person for side tasks, so that the main cooking area is not disturbed when extra utensils have to be taken out.

Seating Area

Most homes do not have enough space to have separate formal and informal dining places. In such cases, chairs can be placed around the kitchen islands, turning them into great areas for having an informal munch.

Sometimes, you can also extend a kitchen island outside the main kitchen area as well. This provides you with increased seating that you can use especially when you have guests.

Great for Kids

If you have kids, then you will certainly know the stress and worries that you have about them, especially when cooking alone in the kitchen.

Kids have a lot of energy and it is essential to keep an eye on them, lest they engage themselves in a dangerous activity.

Kitchen islands allow you to engage your children in their tasks while you are working in the kitchen. You can ask your kids to help you with the cooking too, or just provide them with something to eat or play with while sitting on the chairs around the island.

This will allow you to keep them under your watchful eyes while still giving the impression that the kids are free to do whatever they like.

Additional Cooking Areas

If your cooking needs are greater and you regularly require multiple people to work in the kitchen, then you need multiple cooking areas.

Kitchen islands add the necessary space that you will require for this purpose. You should add multiple cooking aids according to your needs, but make sure that the islands are placed in a manner to allow easy traffic flow across the kitchen.

Added Utility or the Center of Attention

You can basically have two types of kitchen islands. Most islands are added for their utility as they allow multiple people to work within the limited space in the kitchen.

These islands also work as informal dining places and allow you to quickly give your spouse or children a meal, fresh from the stove.
But there are some kitchen islands that are not meant to be an accessory. These islands, in fact, are the focal point in the kitchen and usually contain a high quality marble top.

These islands mostly have a cooking range installed in them and bring a modern charm to your kitchen.
You can also add an island to your kitchen design and enjoy countless benefits including the ones that we have discussed here.

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