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Lunch Break: Add Some Heat to Your Sandwich Menu with a Press

A lot of restaurants make or break their business at lunch time. If lunch is your biggest sales event, than you have to be sure you are offering as much as possible to keep those regulars happy and help attract … Continue reading

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How to Create a Restaurant Patio Everyone Will Love

Summer is now in full swing and after an up and down spring I can feel that consumers everywhere are ready for the patio experience again. This means that the hunt will be on for the best spot to hang … Continue reading

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Breakfast Special: How to Buy the Right Griddle for your Business

Buying a commercial griddle for your kitchen is a big purchase. Like any cooking equipment you want to ensure that it provides an even temperature across the surface, is easy to use, and easy to clean. You also want to … Continue reading

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Bamboo and the Commercial Kitchen – More Uses than You Think

One of the reasons that bamboo has become a popular choice in the commercial kitchen and food service industries is because it is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. It grows faster than any other plant out … Continue reading

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Can Elegance and Disposable Go Together?

The use of disposables in the commercial food industry is not something that we often talk about. I mean, how important is the doggie bag anyway? However, while you may think plastic is only for picnic plates and flimsy white … Continue reading

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