Important Considerations When Designing Commercial Kitchen

Designing commercial kitchen is not as easy as designing a private kitchen. This is because the space of the private kitchen is generally small and it is used only for cooking for friends and family. A commercial kitchen can facilitate the creation of multiple dishes at a time and serve hundreds of guests that pour into your restaurant.

There are many aspects that need special consideration when you design a commercial kitchen and there are a number of health and safety rules that you should adhere to while designing a commercial kitchen. There are also many issues related to design that need to be taken care of, such as proper placement of the appliances. Following is the list of things that you should consider when you set out to design your commercial kitchen:


This is the most overlooked aspect of a kitchen. Floors might not look as important but in reality the right flooring can increase the efficiency of your kitchen staff by many folds. Commercial kitchen floors should be easier to clean to avoid the growth of bacteria. Food will commonly spill on your kitchen floors and food particles can get stuck between the tiles or in nooks and corners. This will increase the chances of bacterial infections which is unhealthy not only for the staff working in the kitchen but also for the guests who come to dine in your restaurant.

The floors should be non slippery. There will be many people moving around your kitchen holding hot dishes and various other dangerous objects. Therefore, to avoid any accidents it is necessary that you pay extra heed to the kitchen floors.


This is another aspect of the kitchen that is usually ignored. It is preferable that you place tiles on the walls of your commercial kitchen because tiles are easier to wash and therefore reduces the chances of bacterial growth inside the kitchen. If you chose to apply paint in your kitchen make sure that the paint is washable so that you can easily wash the walls at the end of the service every day.


This is another very important thing to consider. Your staff needs adequate light to work in. Just placing the overheads light is not enough. Additional lights should be placed in workspaces such as the washing area in order to order to ensure that the utensils and ingredients are being properly washed before use.


Ventilation is very important for your staff. There is a lot of stale air inside the kitchen which can make it difficult for your staff to breathe properly. Therefore, in order to ensure that your staff works in a proper environment it is absolutely necessary that you install a ventilation hood inside your kitchen to suck out the stale air and replace it with fresh air.

There are a number of other things that needs considerations when you are designing a commercial kitchen and it is possible that you might overlook something of significance. Therefore, it is advisable that you hire a design specialist who cannot only design a perfect kitchen but is also aware of all the health and safety regulations.

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