How to Place the Kitchen Trio: The Sink, the Cooking Range and the Prep Area

It is important to place the kitchen elements in the right place to create a kitchen which is easy to navigate and also offers complete functionality. A kitchen is a very important place for any home and different people have their ideas about designing the best one for their homes as well as businesses.

It is however, not possible to design a great kitchen unless you are able to comprehend that all kitchens are based on a trio of elements. These three elements include the sink, the cooking range and the preparation area.

There are also some people who now include the refrigerator in the kitchen trio in place of the preparation area because modern cooking is based around elements that can be stored for a long time in the fridge.

Let us discuss the importance of placing these kitchen elements in the right place to create a kitchen which is easy to navigate and also offers complete functionality.

The Sink

The sink is a very important element and no kitchen can be complete without it. A sink should not be too close to the range and it should have enough space to allow you to do the dishwashing if you do not have a separate dishwasher.

It also pays to have multiple sinks if you have a larger kitchen and often need to prepare food items while the previous dishes are still dirty.

The sink should also be placed in a way that it should not interfere with a person who is attending to a dish on the stove.

A small kitchen can house the sink on the side for this purpose, while a larger kitchen should place the sink on a different island.

The Cooking Range

There are a lot of decisions to make when selecting your cooking range. The most important decision is about using gas or electricity.

You have to select the technology that is according to your requirements and will allow you to easily make your favorite recipes. There are many recipes that may need a gas stove as its temperature is easier to control, so it should be preferred.

However, if you want to use your kitchen in a simpler way, then electric cooking may be enough for your needs. You should also carefully select the size of the cooking range.

You may find that a smaller range is good enough for you, but always think about the future. You may face problems later on when you have guests over as it then becomes impossible to cook multiple food items.

The Preparation Area

The preparation area perhaps is the largest area of the kitchen from the trio of important elements. This area should be built with high quality countertops. Granite countertops are excellent in this regard and should be used where the emphasis is on durability.

There should also be a prep area close to the sink, as this allows people to easily arrange and perform cleaning tasks, even in a smaller kitchen.

The right placement of these three elements allows you to better control traffic in the kitchen area and let multiple people work together. Energy efficiency is also increased with the right placement and most of all the good ergonomic practices can be applied as a result.

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