How To Buy the Right Floor Mat for Your Commercial Kitchen

Cushion, safety, durability, style – Yup, we ask a lot of our commercial kitchen floor mats. Today there are dozens of types of floor mats to suit any need. The real question is what does your business need? Well, most of us want something a little different. What we are going to do here is look at some of the top designs and what makes them so special. All you have to do is decide which one works best for you.

How To Buy the Right Floor Mat for Your Commercial KitchenAnti-Fatigue Mats

These are some of the thicker rubber mats that you will see on the market. They need to be thick to provide support for those who are standing at a station for a long time. Since they are higher off the floor, guards are usually required to avoid tripping and allow for wheeled traffic. This can also increase cost. In fact, the anti-fatigue market is one of the most lucrative mat markets out there. This has left little room for companies to make less than top quality mats. A few things to remember when buying anti-fatigue mats include:

–          Check the Science: Anti-fatigue mats for the commercial kitchen are made of out a variety of rubbers these days and many of them work quite well. Investigate the design for working science that proves it works.

–          Check the Support: The most important thing to remember about them is support. If the mat supports your feet and allows the legs to rest, it is probably going to do a great job. If is it too rigid or too soft you will be able to tell right away.

–          Test Your Mat: When buying an anti-fatigue mat for your commercial kitchen, testing it first or ensuring there is a money back guarantee is always a smart idea.

Anti-Slip Mats

These mats have been used for years in the commercial kitchen. I prefer mats which have small pins underneath the flat, anti slip surface. I find these hold better to almost all types of commercial kitchen floors. When buying an anti-slip mat, size is very important. If an anti-slip mat isn’t flat on the floor, it is no longer anti-slip. In fact, many of them become super slippery once a significant edge is exposed. The most important thing you can do before you purchase an anti-slip mat for your commercial kitchen, cooler, or freezer is to measure your floor space. Size really does matter when it comes to anti-slip mats.

On Using Mats with Holes

Today’s commercial kitchen floor mats come in almost any pattern you can think of. Many of these patterns include holes in the surface to allow spills to leak through. This is a great safety addition as the wet mess is trapped underneath the mat instead of on top of it. The obvious drawback to commercial kitchen mats with holes is that they are difficult to navigate with a cart or anything else with wheels. Avoid using mats with holes in areas where there is a lot of wheeled traffic. One area where this often occurs is the dish pit.

Buying commercial kitchen floor mats is a big part of ensuring the safety and health of your staff. Since most of the best quality mats also come with replacement guarantees should they get damaged in the first 10 years, I always recommend thinking about quality before price. Good luck with your next purchase of commercial kitchen floor mats.

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