How Much Does Cooking Equipment Matter?

We are used to words like “technology” or phrases like “the microwave has revolutionized cooking” when it comes to culinary equipment. Come to think of it, we never bother discussing the materials that go into making a meal andinstead devote all the focus to the recipe and the taste.

But the point is that there have been revolutions in the way human beings prepare food over the ages. The earliest discovery of fire was indeed a significant breakthrough, but the invention of gas stoves helped people to get rid of pollution, inconvenience, and the time wasted when cooking on fire.

Moreover, apart from the cuisine, the cooking equipment also tells a lot about the culture of a particular area. For instance, the ancient Mayan culture had fancy gourds with which they consumed chocolate. Another example is of the French people, who use a plethora of cutters that involve everything from chestnut papers to ham slicers, signifying their devotion to specialism.

But the real importance of kitchen equipment is discovered when you enter the commercial kitchen industry. This is because kitchen equipment determines how the food (which is the sole USP of a restaurant/hotel/take away) is prepared and served.

When we talk of commercial kitchen equipment, we are referring to the whole range of materials from pans and spatulas to grills and freezers.

The choice of materials largely depends on the kind of food you are offering. Specialty cuisine like Chinese food, for example, cannot be sold successfully unless you use “iron-plate” and clay pot dishes, along with long chopsticks.

However, some things are common to all kitchens, and freezers are the best example. If you can’t serve fresh food, you will not be able to attract customers or get certification and commendation from quality assurance agencies. Freezers allow you to keep fresh meat, vegetables, and dairy all year round, allowing you to stock items in the kitchen without constantly contacting the suppliers.

Another important question is, are brands really necessary? Remember that quality is the ultimate standard when you purchase commercial kitchen equipment, and branded items for the most part offer better quality than non-branded kitchenware.

But most importantly, proper maintenance is required if you want to have good value for money on your equipment. It has to be checked regularly so it provides optimum output. It is never a pleasant experience when your grill starts giving problems when an order arrives!

To sum up, cooking equipment matters a lot, especially when you are in the food business. So determine your menu, research the latest trends in the market, set a good budget, and be prepared to look after your equipment on a regular basis. Doing all this will never slow down your orders.

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3 Responses to How Much Does Cooking Equipment Matter?

  1. Keeping up with beverage trends and serving them in the right glassware is one way you can help your bar or restaurant stand out in the crowd and keep patron’s coming back time and again.
    What you store in the fridge makes a huge difference too. Stuff like vinegar, salad dressings, tomato products and spicy foods will eventually corrode the coil, causing gas leaks. So will yeast, and many bakers have rotted out their fridge guts by storing yeast risen doughs inside.

  2. Commercial kitchens are popping up all over the United States, and some commercial kitchens are even being set up in the homes of individuals. Learning the importance of safety and the related supplies…Many restaurants open and close every year in BC, so finding a location with some of this equipment installed or finding some of this equipment used isn’t hard. Once again determining whether something is used but in extremely serviceable shape or whether something is going to need replacing very soon is a skill and a risk you take when purchasing used equipment.

  3. Jemmy says:

    We can not avoid the important of a kitchen in a restaurant,bar or at our home, however, though there are many kinds of equipment are using at kitchen like cooker, fryer etc

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