Choose the Best Flooring for Your Commercial Kitchen

Your commercial kitchen floor needs the most attention. The food and water that is spilled on the kitchen floor can easily turn it into a death trap for your staff. Spilled food is not only dangerous for your staff but it also plays a very important role in maintaining the hygiene inside the kitchen. Once food is spilled on the floor it can become a source for the growth of bacteria. Dirt and bacteria also make way into your kitchen through the shoes of the vendors and staff members. All these factors make your kitchen floor one of the most important aspects of your kitchen that needs special consideration.

There are several things that you should take into account while buying the flooring for your commercial kitchen. Following are some of the thing that you should keep in mind before making the final purchase:

Slip Resistance

There is a lot of chaos in a commercial kitchen in the peak hour of a restaurant, with orders coming in constantly and waiters and staff moving around the kitchen space. In all this hustle and bustle food, water, and grease on the kitchen floor can become a cause for many serious accidents therefore having a floor that is slip resistance is absolutely necessary. You can choose floors that are covered in epoxy or vinyl floors that are both slip resistant and sanitary.


Safety should be your first priority while buying floor for your kitchen. Beautiful floors should be limited to the dining area because in the kitchen sanitation and safety is of major importance. Tiled floors can break because of the heavy equipments, plus they are a breeding place for fungus and bacteria which is not only dangerous for the staff working in the kitchen but also for the people who are dining in your restaurant. Therefore make sure that you choose flooring that is not prone to crack or has seams where the germs and bacteria can grow.

Easy Maintenance

Choose kitchen floors that are easy to clean so that any spill can be cleaned completely and easily at the end of the day. Floors that are slip resistance or covered with epoxy are easier to clean plus your staff will not have to get on their knees and hands in order to clean the food particles that get stuck in the cracks and seams of the tiles. The simpler the floor, the easier it will be to clean it.


In order to avoid the pain and hassle of changing the floors of your commercial kitchen every 2 to 3 years, it is necessary that you place floors in your kitchen that are durable and that can bear the weight of the heavy equipment. Replacing the floors of the kitchen might mean that you have to entirely stop the operations inside your kitchen; to avoid such a situation make sure that you invest in good slip resistant and durable floors. They might cost more at the time but it is worth the money as they are easy to maintain and do not need to be changed so frequently.

Following these simple tips can help you in finding the best floors for your commercial kitchen.

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