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Is Your Commercial Kitchen Sustainable Enough?

Do you realize that a commercial kitchen that serves a number of people with food everyday can have an appetite of a huge monster that eats up a lot of energy itself? That’s right, a study shows that the kitchen … Continue reading

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Save Money by Reducing Food Waste in Your Commercial Kitchen

I like to promote sustainability in food service.  This is because I believe that it is a duty of all food service providers. We serve food; therefore we should promote and nurture it where we can. One way that you … Continue reading

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Bamboo and the Commercial Kitchen – More Uses than You Think

One of the reasons that bamboo has become a popular choice in the commercial kitchen and food service industries is because it is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. It grows faster than any other plant out … Continue reading

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Train your Staff to Run a Green Commercial Kitchen

The transition from a commercial kitchen that tosses everything and wastes energy to one that is energy efficient and recycles, isn’t always easy. The bigger the kitchen, the harder it seems to be to get everyone on the same page. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of an On-Site Garden at Your Restaurant

I am always looking for fresh ways to bring a new look to my restaurants. One trend that I have begun to notice this summer is the increasing number of places who have their own on-site garden. Whether it is … Continue reading

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Go Green! Cleaning Products for the Commercial Food Industry

I am always amazed at how often I hear restaurant and hotel owners say to me that they cannot use green cleaning products in their business. The excuse ? They don’t believe green cleaners work. They believe green cleaners cost … Continue reading

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The Commercial and Industrial Dishwasher Buying Guide

When it comes to appliances in your business that just have to work, the dishwasher is right up there on the list next to the stove and refrigerator. Dishes can be hand washed, but if time is important to your … Continue reading

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Green Cleaning Tips for the Modern Commercial Kitchen

Did you know that on average, one quarter of the chemicals used for cleaning the commercial kitchen is hazardous to your health? This is bad news for those who use these products indoors on a daily basis. In the past … Continue reading

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Understanding the Certified Green Commercial Kitchen Program

Going green in any industry is becoming a larger selling point for consumers, but that’s not the only advantage of resource conservation. You can save money on operating costs, receive special certifications, and even rewards for your business. The best … Continue reading

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Commercial Ice Machines: Do’s and Don’ts

Ice machines are probably the most-abused equipment in a commercial kitchen. This is twice as true for hotels, night clubs, and restaurants with more than 50 seats. In most of these cases, the overworked machines are actually costing the business … Continue reading

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