Best Floor Mats for Your Commercial Kitchen

Antimicrobial mats – An intelligent investment for your commercial kitchen

The kitchen in your restaurant or home is an ideal place for bacteria to grow because of all the food that is left on thecounter tops or is spilled on the floor during cooking. These leftovers are hard to notice and even harder to clean which allows the germs and bacteria to develop in the nooks and corners of your kitchen.

The corners of the kitchen are oily and greasy which is why it is absolutely necessary that you keep your commercial kitchen spic and span. A dirty kitchen is like an open invitation to cockroaches and other pests. Not only will it contaminate your food but it can also get your restaurant license revoked because of the laws regarding restaurant hygiene. Plus you do not want your customers complaining or getting sick because of your negligence.

To make sure that your commercial kitchen is clean and up to the hygienic standards, you should make use of antimicrobial kitchen mats. Antimicrobial are anti bacterial mats that prevents the bacteria from multiplying inside the commercial kitchen. These mats will keep the walking area free form bacteria and germs, moisture, food and grease. Since it is made of rubber, it also controls a number of accidents that can happen in the kitchen due to accidental slippage.

Antimicrobial mats have drainage holes that prevent any liquid from staying on the floor for a long time thus preventing accidents and becoming a bacterial breeding ground.  These mats will also provide stress relief to your staff especially when they have to work for longer hours. There is a soft gel under these mats that helps prevent the stress that can be caused from standing straight for long hours.

These mats are available in different colors and sizes so you can chose the one that best fits your kitchen needs. There are various models of antimicrobial mats that you can choose from:

  • Fabric cover models – with higher absorption capability
  • Nitrile antimicrobial rubber models – with slip resistance and drainage properties

These mats are antifungal and have properties that will prevent the bacteria from spreading. The bacteria and germs are immediately destroyed once they come in contact with the mat due to the antimicrobial agent on the mat. Antimicrobial mats, with anti fatigue, skid resistance, grease resistance, antifungal, and anti bacterial properties, are an ideal investment for your commercial kitchen. The best part of these mats is that the antimicrobial agent does not wear off easily which means that they are durable and do not need to be changed frequently.

Working in the kitchen for long hours is tough especially because of the wet, hot and greasy environment. It can easily exhaust your staff and make them more prone to accidents. Placing antimicrobial mats will not only prevent unwanted accidents but it will also make your kitchen a happier and cleaner place to work in. Better to be safe than sorry.

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