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Understanding Biodegradable, Compostable, Degradable Plastic

When it comes to plastics, the sea of jargon can render anyone lost and confused. Often enough, these terms are biodegradable, degradable, and compostable plastic. Here, we intent to help you do away with the confusion and discuss how they … Continue reading

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Common Terminologies Used in a Commercial Kitchen

Often, you hear chefs, staff members, and restaurant employees spouting out terms you’ve no clue about. It seems as if they have their very own language that they use to communicate with each other. Just like in other professions, commercial … Continue reading

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Commercial Appliances vs. Residential Appliances

Residential appliances are specifically designed according to kitchens at home. Whereas, commercial appliances are designed to meet the requirements of a commercial kitchen. Both type of appliances vary in terms of design, size, capacity, capability, machinery, and much more. Their … Continue reading

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How to Select the Perfect Wine

Have you ever been handed a menu of wine selection and found yourself dumbfounded by all the choices? You think to yourself, out of all these wines, which would pair best with the meal you have ordered. Selecting the right … Continue reading

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Different Types of Glassware

Each type of glassware is specifically designed for a particular kind of drink keeping in mind its texture, presentation, alcohol content, and much more. Since there are many different kinds of drinks available, this means that there are many different … Continue reading

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