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The Anatomy of a Kitchen Knife

Without a knife, creating a signature entrée with perfection is next to impossible. A chef would not be able to cut the ingredients precisely, the meals cooked would lack finesse, and in all honesty the lives of chefs all over … Continue reading

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Identifying Greenwashing

Most manufacturers and growers have become environmental friendly because in the end it helps them save money and reusable resources. Unfortunately, despite the practicality, some organizations and individuals falsely claim that they are changing their ways by applying these methods … Continue reading

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Benefits of using Energy-Efficient Hoods in the Kitchen

Most Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems consume about 28% of all the energy used in commercial kitchens. HVAC systems, if you already aren’t aware, make it possible for fumes and heat to escape from inside the kitchen into … Continue reading

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5 Energy Saving Tips to Reduce your Commercial Kitchen Bills

Commercial kitchens consume three times more energy than other types of commercial buildings or space according to the FPL. 30% of the energy in commercial kitchens is consumed by HVAC systems, whereas 29% goes into food preparation, 19% on refrigeration, … Continue reading

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