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3 Ways to Avoid Commercial Kitchen Chemical Hazards

In a commercial kitchen, it is always very important to keep employees and staff members informed about possible hazards and their causes at the workplace. This is because a hazard can occur at anytime, and the reason behind it could … Continue reading

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Investing in Green Appliances for your Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens use up a lot of energy. In fact, the food service sector spends up to $10 million only on energy bills. But, because of inefficient equipment, 75%-80% of it goes to waste as it is consumed for no … Continue reading

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Tips to Manage Fats, Oils, and Grease in your New Kitchen

According to researchers, commercial kitchens in US restaurants utilize an estimated 25 billion gallons of cooking oil every single week! What’s left over is a combination of fats, oil, and grease (FOGs) which are dumped in to lines, pipes, sewages, … Continue reading

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Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchen Employees

Working in a commercial kitchen means handling knives, being exposed to high temperatures, and working with many electrical appliances. Although it’s not likely, but there are always chances are that someone may get hurt or injured. Even in a professional … Continue reading

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Why Choose Green Cleaning for your Commercial Kitchen?

Everyone wants to be able to save money, resources, and the environment – after all, Earth is our home. Today, almost all commercial kitchens are doing everything possible in order to save. Green kitchens result in healthier customers, increase in … Continue reading

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