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The Essential Requirements of a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen in a restaurant, hotel or a catering business, requires a number of certain essentials, without which it would not be possible to ensure the proper operations, required for the successful running of the business. Commercial kitchens are … Continue reading

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Add Style to Your Kitchen with a Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Commercial kitchen is no place for small faucets as there is a lot of washing and cleaning that needs to be done in the sinks. Adding a wall mount faucet in your commercial kitchen will not only add style in … Continue reading

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Things to Consider When Buying Pressure Washer for Commercial Kitchen

The most important thing after the taste and quality of the food in your restaurant is the hygienic conditions of your kitchen and dining area. Keeping the commercial kitchen clean not only adds to the reputation of the restaurant but … Continue reading

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Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances in Commercial Kitchen

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is not a choice, but a necessity. This is the reason why majority of the commercial kitchen owners use stainless steel appliances, cooker hoods, cookware, workspaces, and splash backs. Not only are these easier to … Continue reading

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Concrete Flooring in Commercial Kitchens

Concrete floor is the new buzz word in flooring trends. Long gone are the days when concrete floors just meant gray, roughly placed warehouse floors. Now it means much more than that, thanks to polishing chemistry and material science.  With … Continue reading

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Importance of Hygienic Wall Cladding in Commercial Kitchens

Environmental health officers recommend hygienic wall cladding in order to provide healthy and sanitary working environment. Hygienic wall cladding is devoid of any crevice or cracks, eliminating any possibility of fungal or bacterial growth. Places where hygienic conditions are of … Continue reading

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Fire Safety Precautions for Commercial Kitchens

Majority of the restaurant fire accidents start inside kitchens. A commercial kitchen has all the ingredients that feed fire such as heat, oil, and oxygen, making it impossible to control the fire if no safety precautions are in place. This … Continue reading

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