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Commercial Oven Cleaning Made Easy

Keeping your commercial oven clean is a big task. It gets a lot of use every day and we all spill sometimes. If that mess doesn’t get cleaned quickly it could lead to all sorts of problems including an oven … Continue reading

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How To Buy the Right Floor Mat for Your Commercial Kitchen

Cushion, safety, durability, style – Yup, we ask a lot of our commercial kitchen floor mats. Today there are dozens of types of floor mats to suit any need. The real question is what does your business need? Well, most … Continue reading

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Keep Your Fridge or Freezer in Tip-Top Shape by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

It doesn’t matter whether you use a large walk in fridge and freezer or smaller units with doors; cooling equipment is going to be well used in the commercial kitchen. If you want to keep your commercial cooling equipment in … Continue reading

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The Commercial French Fry Cutter Buying Guide

When I think of French fry cutters, the brands that come to mind first are Vollrath, Nemco, Winco and Thunder Group. They all make solid stainless steel cutters with similar components and prices. Is there a top dog and where … Continue reading

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Cutting Boards in the Commercial Kitchen

I haven’t thought about the cutting boards I used in my commercial kitchen for years. A few days ago, I ran into a story about the closing of a local restaurant. Twice within the article, unsanitary cutting board and cutting … Continue reading

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Bar Sinks and Storage: A Call for Simplicity in the Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to the bar area of a restaurant, two things seem to be of paramount importance: style and user friendliness. There is a mandate for the backdrop of the bar to ooze style and there needs to be … Continue reading

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Keep Customers Cool This Summer with a Frozen Drink Dispenser

Frozen drink dispensers got a bad reputation in the commercial kitchen world. They tend to be bought, tried out, and then left in a corner. While I do agree that serving frozen drinks isn’t something everyone can accomplish year round, … Continue reading

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