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Green Cleaning Tips for the Modern Commercial Kitchen

Did you know that on average, one quarter of the chemicals used for cleaning the commercial kitchen is hazardous to your health? This is bad news for those who use these products indoors on a daily basis. In the past … Continue reading

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How to Reduce Water Waste in the Commercial Kitchen Today and Tomorrow

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen a ware washer run at half capacity or a prep sink left running for that extra minute as someone runs for more potatoes, I wouldn’t need to write about water … Continue reading

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Understanding the Certified Green Commercial Kitchen Program

Going green in any industry is becoming a larger selling point for consumers, but that’s not the only advantage of resource conservation. You can save money on operating costs, receive special certifications, and even rewards for your business. The best … Continue reading

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Air Talk: Reviewing 3 Exhaust Specialists for the Industrial Kitchen

Ventilation is an integral part of the commercial kitchen, but has very little to do with the actual cooking of the food. This is one of the main reasons new chefs and restaurant owners fail to spend enough time researching … Continue reading

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Small Appliances, Big Kitchen: A Guide to Toasters, Blenders, and More…

While you may think that these small appliances aren’t a big part of your commercial kitchen, that may not be so. Your staff is likely to use these items two or three times as much as anything else in your … Continue reading

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Building Business Rep: It Starts with Your Staff

When it comes to creating a name for your business there is nothing like word of mouth to build credibility. If you provide an excellent dining experience you will no doubt get that from your patrons. The problem with relying … Continue reading

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A Chef’s Buying Guide to Commercial Steamers

Steamers have long been a staple for those who require quick cooking or reheating of all type of vegetables. A steamer ensures that these foods will retain a higher nutrient level, more natural colorings, and even flavor. Steaming vegetables is … Continue reading

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