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Trends in Food Service for 2011

Since it’s the New Year, let’s have a look at some of the trends to watch for throughout 2011. Whether you own a restaurant, run a coffee shop, or manage an industrial kitchen, these food service fads are things you … Continue reading

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Industrial Kitchen Supplies: When it’s Just Got to Work

From the supplies at your bar to the mixer in the back, every piece of equipment in your establishment is important. You can always tell when a certain machine, station, or area is in need of an upgrade. Your staff … Continue reading

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4 Points to Consider before Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

Every year it happens. I hear a horror story of a restaurateur whose fridge or freezer dies at the wrong time. Even if they only have to wait a day for servicing they lose a day of income, a lot … Continue reading

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4 Must-Read Tips for Saving Money in Your Commercial Kitchen – Go Green!

Tip 1: It Starts With Research and Education The place to start when it comes to going green in your commercial kitchen is at your computer. Source blogs, RSS feeds, and commentary on going green in the kitchen will help … Continue reading

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All You Need to Know About Commercial Fryers

In almost any restaurant you will be able to find a commercial fryer. From a counter top model to a tall stand alone Frymaster, they seem to be everywhere. Today commercial and industrial fryers come in a variety of sizes, … Continue reading

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Show off Your Commercial Kitchen: Small Hints that Have a Big Impact

Dining out is an experience everyone enjoys. Consumers want to get away from the everyday kitchen. Those who eat out are looking for a dining experience, not a hot plate of food, though as a restaurateur, you are mandated to … Continue reading

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